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If you're looking for an escape from it all, come on down to Bayou L'Abeille (for you yankees, that's Bye-yoo Lah-BAY-yuh). Take a stroll through the L'Abeille-Toombs Historical Cemetery or our prize gardens kept by Miss Nonie. Hear the colorful stories from our favorite musicians at Popeye Sims' Music Shop and you might even run into local legend Linny Waxman. Have breakfast at The Butter Biscuit then enjoy some junktique shopping and coffee at the Joe-N-Junk. Grab a po' boy for lunch at the L'Abeille Diner, but make sure you save some room for BBQ and blues over at Cottonmouth's Review.


Don't be put off by the Alligator Advisory, in effect until the end of the season. All you have to do is just mind your step over on the south side bayou near Roux Roux St. A white alligator has been spotted in the water, proving that even our gators are special.


The people of Bayou L'Abeille walk a fine rhythm between lovely and heartbreaking, hillarious and sad, bitter, and so very, very sweet. Why not join them and experience a slice of life on the bayou?


Now, a word from our local sponsors.

Cottonmouth's Blues and BBQ Review


Make sure you save some room for BBQ and blues over at Cottonmouth's Review - if you mention Honey Slade, Cotton will fix you up with a free plate of beignets. 


You should try his gator po' boys while listening to some of the best blues this side of the water.

The Saflor Honey Co.


Bayou L'Abeille's resident beekeeper, Yalen, wants to invite you to buy local honey.


She'll be at the farmer's market every Saturday taking orders and selling her famous Saffron Wildflower-Honey Banana Buns.


Yalen also offers classes on the first Tuesday of every month on the health benefits of local honey. Make sure to call and reserve your spot! 

Popeye Sims' Music Shop


Down at Popeye Sims' Syncopated, Noise-Makin', Bump-A-Rump Music Shop, you'll find the best in instruments of all kinds, music books, accessories and more. Don't let the guys give you a hard time. They do like to tell stories, so make sure you get there with time to spare.


Abel and Melvin wanted to get some info out about the lessons they're giving down at the music shop. I promised to share.

Bayou L'Abeille

RB Photography


If you're ever in L'Abeille and need a photographer, I recommend Rune. Great photographer and you can purchase prints of his work for a decent price. 


RB Photography is showing his "Bayou Natural" collection up in Baton Rouge in a few months. I'll be sure to update the information as soon as he learns how to respond to emails. 


Also, congratulations are in order. Rune just announced he's got a second little one on the way. Maybe another budding photographer?



Today's coupon is courtesy of Heather down at the Joe-n-Junk! You'll love having coffee while browsing antiques in Bayou L'Abeille!


Joe's offers a nice selection of pastries and a variety of coffee drinks. Browse around or sit and enjoy the atmosphere.


Coupon valid until Mardi Gras.

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