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Creator's Track Information

This year's show will be held October 26-28, 2018 in Orlando, FL. 

If you'd like to submit your request to be a Guest for the Spooky Empire Creator's Track, email the following information to Alisha Sams:

  • Name

  • Field (books, film, art, fx, music, etc.)

  • Most Recent Projects/Publication (book/movie titles, plays, events, etc.)

  • A short write-up about yourself

  • No more than 3 links/image attachments

  • Any questions you may have that are not answered in the FAQ


How do you select Guests for the track? 

Every year, I collect the submissions and decide on a direction for the track. I choose Guests who best fit that direction as well as balance out our track in different fields of creativity.


In the past, we've focused mainly on book authors, but Spooky Empire has allowed me to bring in filmmakers, artists, special effects makeup artists, professors of horror, paranormal investigators and more! It has been very exciting expanding the track for our convention attendees. As you can imagine, with a wider focus, there are only so many spots on the list for authors, for filmmakers, and so forth. Once that quota is reached, then submissions for that section is closed for the year.

Is there a Wait List?

Absolutely. I'm happy to add people to the Wait List in case of Guest cancellations (which happen more some years than others, but they do happen). 

If I'm not accepted this year, can I apply again next year?

YES! By all means, please apply again. Our criteria changes every year, which means that even though you weren't selected this year, you may be the perfect fit next year!

What do you get if you're a Guest and what do you have to do?

All track Guests receive 2 weekend passes to the convention. 

Guests must be available for all 3 days of the convention and participate in at least 3 panels during the weekend and spend at least 1 hour at the Meet-and-Greet table even if you have no merchandise to sign or sell. You get out of Spooky what you put into it and our fans are amazing. It's more fun when you take part!

I submitted my request, but there's been no response.

I promise that I will get back to you. I am a volunteer who builds the track in my spare time. It takes a while to review the submissions, do my own independent research, and respond to everyone. All submissions receive a response.


I generally begin review during February and March of each year. By summer, most of the track spaces will be filled. Don't let that timeline deter you though. It never hurts to ask! 

Do Guests get a spot in the Vendor Room?

No, they don't. My helpers (who are some of the most amazing people in the world) spend their convention time running a merchandise table in front of our panel room. They take inventory, keep a ledger, and have a few options for payments and reimbursement. 

Do the Guests have to spend all of their time at the track/panel area?

Nope! I try to schedule everyone with time for lunches, breaks, shopping time, etc. You really only need to be there during your scheduled times. Having said that, it has long been proven that more merchandise sales are made when you are at the table and available to sign items or talk to fans. Just sayin'. Have no fear. My scheduling skills are on point. #excelqueen

What if I have other questions?

Send me an email any time. Sometimes I can get back to you within minutes and sometimes it may take a few days, but I will always respond if I've received the message. 

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