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Pricing includes 2 Advanced Editing Responses:

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  • 3K – 6K        $125.00

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Blackbird House Publishing

Coming Soon in 2018!

Once Publishing options are available, this information will be updated. 

Author: A.D. Sams


A.D. Sams' most recent collection of short stories, Bayou L'Abeille, was released in November of 2012. It's currently available in digital copy through Blackbird House. 

(Closed) Fey Publishing

* Bayou L'Abeille (2012) - Currently out of print, but available for direct purchase from Blackbird House.

* Happily Never After: An Anthology from Fey Publishing (2014)

* Idol Musings: Selected Writings from an Online Writing Competition (2009)

(Out of Print) Self-Published

 * Errant Autumn (as A.D. Gaspard 2006)

​* Zhi: Stories and Poems for the Young at Heart (as A.D. Gaspard 2011) 

About the Author


When I was young, I was surrounded by love bugs, my Maw-Maw’s rasping laughter that jiggled her belly, a field full of cows, and more Pentecostal hair than you could shake a stick at. My Paw-Paw lived closer to heaven than the rest of us due to his long, lean build. He was the pastor, a forthright and sincere bastion of Christianity. So, when he smiled his sideways smile and explained to me that only liars lived in Georgia, the salt-and-pepper twirl of hair at the top of his head somehow drove home the point. This fact was a down-right insult to me even at 6. I was far too young to understand the twinkle in his eye. Alas, much to my protests, squalling, and outright ornery demeanor, my family moved to Georgia anyway.


I’m a long way from the swinging moss of a southeast Texas evening and the bayou nights that sink into your skin. Somewhere along the edge of November, I’ll promenade into my 40th year with more knowledge about who lives in Georgia than my Paw-Paw.

When I considered how to capture the chaotic gale of creativity, lipstick and sarcasm that I am, I came up with this: I’m definitely a writer of southern fiction, probably a writer of dark, twisty things, and maybe a writer who hasn't quite decided where to hide the bodies. All of that is, of course, speculation. Or is it?


I live in Atlanta with my dog, Sherwood (a half-Newfoundland mutt who believes he’s part bunny and part balloon animal) and a very healthy Imagination, which I keep in an igloo in the trunk of my car.


If I’m not geeking out over one of my many fandoms, playing with my camera or fidgeting with some graphic design project, I’m probably wasting away at my pay-the-bills job.